3 Reasons Installing an In-Ground Trampoline on Turf Landscape Is the Safer Choice for Your Family

October 31, 2023

Your yard isn’t just for boosting curb appeal. It’s a place for play, too. Installing an in-ground trampoline with your artificial turf will take your property enjoyment to new heights.

In-ground trampolines are fun for the whole family, but are they safer than above-ground trampolines? While the latter is more common, the former is indeed safer. Various factors make in-ground trampolines safer for your family, especially kids.

Before installing artificial turf, consider adding an in-ground trampoline to provide your family with playful exercise that blends seamlessly into your synthetic grass.

Reduce Falling Injuries

The primary safety concern with trampolines is falling. Since in-ground trampolines are installed directly into the ground, they eliminate the danger of falling from risky heights. If your kids fall, it’ll be onto a soft bed of artificial grass.

According to some statistics, roughly 27 to 39 percent of trampoline injuries are caused by falls. You can significantly reduce injuries by installing this safer alternative. Artificial grass installers like Luxe Lawns can easily incorporate an in-ground trampoline into your new turf lawn.

There is a risk of tears that cause falls through the trampoline, but regular maintenance can prevent this. This is much lower than the chances of falling from traditional above-ground trampolines.

Hold Up Against Rough Weather

Since in-ground trampolines are installed flush with your artificial turf, they are less affected by rough weather. Above-ground trampolines can blow away in the wind, while crucial parts can be damaged by the sun, even when in the shade.

In-ground trampolines are rooted into your synthetic turf, and their parts are hidden from the sun. This reduces maintenance costs and the risk of breakage during use.

There is a risk of damage to components from soil or lack of moisture, but regular checks and maintenance will reduce these.

Remove the Need for Enclosure Nets

Above-ground trampolines require safety nets, but these don’t always prevent falls. As nets age and deteriorate, holes appear that kids can fall through. This creates risk and the need for costly replacement.

In-ground trampolines don’t need enclosure nets, as anyone flying over the trampoline will land softly on synthetic grass from a safe height. You can still install them as they add an extra layer of protection from landing on the metal rim or springs.

In-ground trampolines remove the need for safety nets and the risk of old ones collapsing.

A Safe Addition to Artificial Turf

In-ground trampolines are one of many ways to elevate your property enjoyment. They can be installed into synthetic turf and require minimal maintenance. The most significant benefit is their improved safety.

Traditional trampolines come with fall risks and can get damaged in rough weather. In-ground alternatives have a longer lifespan and reduce injuries from damaged components. Installed into the ground, they are a seamless part of your artificial grass lawn.

Luxe Lawns provides expert in-ground trampoline installation and more landscaping options, like hardscaping or pet-friendly turf. Contact us at 480-906-2445 or online to design your picture-perfect lawn today.

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