Benefits of Turf

Artificial turf creates a beautiful look and feel and increases the property’s value.

Luxury products. Superior Installations. Unmatched Value.

Always green, water-saving alternative

At Luxe Lawns, our American-made artificial turf is designed to take on Arizona’s dry climate using top-quality, eco-friendly materials. As a provider of artificial grass installation in the Greater Phoenix Metroplex, we stay ahead of the competition by staying true to our customers’ requests and always giving back to the community. As a homeowner or commercial property owner, we’ve got plenty of benefits of artificial turf we think will greatly help you out!

Artificial grass Pays for Itself

Natural grass is a depreciating expense. When you get the experts from Luxe Lawns to install an artificial grass lawn for you, we can guarantee you’ll start to see the ROI in about three to five years after the initial installation. Think about all the water, lawn mower oil and general time you’ll save since artificial grass doesn’t require any of these!

Artificial Grass Saves on Your Water Bill

Ever wonder if there’s more you could be doing to save on your monthly water bill? Installing an artificial grass lawn can be just one solution to this high-cost problem. Roughly 7.8 billion gallons of water are used daily for outdoor use, most of which goes to lawn and landscape watering. Artificial grass doesn’t require a single droplet of water to survive. Additionally, our artificial grass lawns come with UV protection, which means your grass will stay exceptionally green for years to come.

Encourages Your Furry Friends to be Themselves

Unleash your pup’s playtime potential with artificial grass. You won’t have to worry about finding unwanted paw prints all over your shiny floors, and why would you try to go against their nature? Synthetic grass encourages your furry friends to be their unique selves.

Built-In Pest Control

Natural grass attracts all sorts of critters and unwanted pests. They are looking for moisture and soil to build their nests and create hubs for their friends. Some of these pests can be quite a nuisance and can become a problem if left unchecked. As an Arizona homeowner, chances are this is one thing you don’t want to deal with – so don’t. Investing in artificial grass now means that critters will have to find somewhere else to live. Synthetic grass is a natural pest deterrent–no need to spend hundreds of dollars on pesticides and chemicals.

Rebate for Artificial Grass Installation

As Arizonans, it is essential that we all do our part to conserve water. Fortunately, some cities are helping out by offering rebates on the installation of artificial turf lawns. In Tempe, homeowners who switch to artificial turf are eligible for a Landscape Conversion Rebate to save money (up to $0.25 per square foot) while also doing their part to protect precious resources. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then make sure to get in contact with your city’s water conservation department and see what incentive programs they have available.

Luxe Lawns is Greater Phoenix Metroplex’s most dedicated and trusted artificial grass installer. As the leaders of environmentally friendly solutions, we are helping Arizona save precious resources one lawn at a time. Your perfect synthetic turf lawn is in good hands when Luxe Lawns’ expert artificial grass installers are on the job. Find out more about the Luxe Lawns Difference by calling us at 480-906-2445 or by requesting a free quote through our online form.

Our Customers Love Us

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“The owner, Patrick is highly responsive and a very focus professional, especially in the field of artificial turfing, offering personal touch, dedication, and great value for money. He personally ensured the entire work of removing and replacing the existing lawn and borders with a new aesthetically designed border and artificial turf are done in a timely, professional, and efficient manner. Needless to say, we were impressed with his work and are pleased to recommend him to anyone who need works done on their yards or lawns.”

-Peter N. | Scottsdale, AZ

“Working with luxe lawns was a wonderful experience! It transformed a yard that we hardly ever used to a great place for my children and pets or even to host friends. We were very happy with the service that was provided and the communication we received. Some great options were provided so we didn’t have to worry about using our cash. I worked with Patrick and he really made me feel at ease with this project. I highly recommend working with luxe lawns.”

-Ruben L. | Gilbert, AZ

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