4 Common Spring Issues Eliminated by Artificial Grass Installation

March 28, 2024

Set yourself up for a springtime full of flowers and fun! There’s no need to worry about weeds, pests, costly maintenance, or even rainstorms when you install artificial grass in Scottsdale, AZ.

Synthetic turf is a popular landscape alternative sweeping the community due to its superior aesthetic quality and unique functions. Designed with ease and evergreen splendor in mind, artificial turf products are a cost-effective way to prepare your lawn for the spring season.

Evening gatherings and daytime barbecues are better with high-quality residential turf that provides a safe, clean and easy-to-maintain lawn. Artificial grass is durable, withstanding fierce weather and daily foot traffic, perfect for home and business owners alike.

Read on to learn how synthetic turf installation can transform your spring season!

Rain and mud

A common issue with natural grass is how rain transforms a comfortable lawn into a quagmire of inconvenience. Mud puddles make it difficult to come and go without trekking footprints through the house. An oversaturated lawn is an unpleasant one.

Enjoy more time outdoors and less time waiting for the rain to dry when you install artificial turf in Gilbert, AZ. Engineered with advanced drainage systems, synthetic turf prevents troublesome puddles from turning your lawn into a muddy swamp.

The removal of topsoil during residential turf installation prevents mud from bubbling up through your lawn, creating unsightly puddles that pets find irresistible. Permeable pet turf products reduce odors by eliminating pet messes as they happen, increasing cleanliness.

April showers won’t bring muddy landscapes when you install artificial turf!

Weeds, pollen and allergens

There you are, basking in the sunshine, when weeds and allergens burst on the scene to interrupt your peace. Contending with these troublemakers is standard springtime fair, but it doesn’t have to be. Install synthetic turf products to reduce their impact.

Weed barriers installed beneath artificial turf products create a shield against invasive plants. These barriers are permeable, so drainage isn’t interrupted. Your garden will be safe from crabgrass, dandelions, and other encroaching weeds.

Preventing weeds and replacing traditional grass with artificial turf eliminates the majority of allergens in your lawn. Pollen, dust, and other allergens disappear through the drainage grids when rinsed. Your family will spend less time sneezing and more time playing!

Comfort and luxury are one and the same when you install artificial turf from Luxe Lawns. Our pet turf, residential turf, and backyard putting greens are engineered to reduce allergens while maximizing aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Maintenance hassle

Natural grass requires excessive maintenance to keep its soft texture and evergreen hues. Preparing your lawn for spring requires daily watering, mowing, fertilizing, and reseeding for lawns impacted by winter temperatures.

Residential turf is a landscape artist’s dream! A synthetic grass lawn looks fresh and fully grown, with rich green hues, without any of the maintenance hassles. You’ll save time and money traditionally spent on keeping your lawn pristine.

The lack of harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides produces a much safer lawn. These chemicals, while effective, can cause injury and illness in young, unwary children who like to explore the backyard.

Artificial turf’s durability allows for dynamic landscape additions that would traditionally require too much maintenance for the average homeowner. Playground turf and backyard putting greens can stand up to the rigors of playtime without needing costly repairs.

Irritating insects

Your family isn’t the only one enjoying the spring weather. Pests like mosquitos, ticks, fleas, and other insects abound. While some only cause minor irritations, others spread harmful diseases, especially to children whose immune systems aren’t fully matured.

Eliminate these pests by installing artificial turf in Scottsdale, AZ. Due to its advanced drainage systems, water-repellency, and removal of nutrient-rich soil, artificial turf creates an undesirable environment for these pests. They’ll take one look at your lawn and fly the other way!

Family time and neighborhood gatherings will be more comfortable for everyone, thanks to synthetic turf products that deter pests while providing a refreshing aesthetic.

A better lawn with artificial turf installation

Elevate your springtime experience to luxurious heights with help from Luxe Lawns. Our team of passionate, experienced artificial turf installers work one-on-one with home and business owners to craft spectacular landscapes using premium products.

While we like to think of ourselves as synthetic turf experts, our exceptional craftsmanship can also provide hardscape features like fire pits, BBQ islands, in-ground trampolines, and pickleball courts. We provide the tools and know-how to create your perfect home oasis!

Call Luxe Lawns today at 480-906-2445 or contact us online to learn more about our exceptional landscaping services.

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