4 Creative Ways To Incorporate In-Ground Trampoline Installation in Your Backyard

February 26, 2024

In-ground trampolines are shaking up Arizona landscape design. This twist on the classic backyard play structure is safer, less obstructive, and less prone to damage.

By being installed beneath the ground and flush with synthetic grass lawns, they drastically minimize fall injuries, a notorious issue with trampolines. Concerningly, 90 percent of trampoline injuries occur in children ages 5-15.

No wonder Arizona residents prefer in-ground trampolines! But these hardscape features have an unsung benefit, too. They provide more flexible design options. Create an upscale backyard paradise without sacrificing the fun of a trampoline.

To inspire your creativity, read our guide on the best in-ground trampoline designs that combine fun with evergreen style.

In-Ground Trampolines for Small Yards

Traditional trampolines are often bulky, consuming the majority of your lawn space. Arizona homeowners with smaller yards might prefer a space-friendly in-ground trampoline instead. They’re just as fun without overwhelming your lawn.

Position your in-ground trampoline in a corner away from hardscape surfaces like patios or BBQ islands. Their flush installation means they appear as a natural part of your lawn, preserving a flat plain that creates the impression of a broader space.

Simple In-Ground Trampoline Concept

There’s no need to dress your in-ground trampoline up with bells and whistles. A simple in-ground trampoline positioned in a safe space is enough to send the kids sprinting outdoors!

If you want to dress it up, install artificial turf around your in-ground trampoline to complement this hardscape addition with evergreen shades. Synthetic grass products provide a subtle touch of luxury to even the simplest landscape designs.

In-Ground Trampoline + Pool

A pool and a trampoline? That sounds like a kid’s dream backyard. Install an in-ground trampoline near a pool to create a landscape optimized for summertime fun.

Divide the in-ground trampoline and pool with hardscape paving and synthetic grass to organize your home landscape neatly. There’ll be no chance of kids leaping from the trampoline and landing on the hard pool edges.

A pool and in-ground trampoline provide diverse outdoor activities that encourage kids to get outside and play. While they’re having fun, you’ll be happy to see them adopting outdoor fitness habits that lead to better health in adulthood.

In-Ground Trampoline + Garden

This may seem outrageous, but when done correctly, an in-ground trampoline is the perfect contrast to an elegant garden. Installing residential turf ties these two elements together to create a dynamic landscape.

Plant vivid flowers and lively bushes as a frame for your in-ground trampoline. You can also use garden organization to divide the in-ground trampoline from the rest of the lawn, creating a semi-private play space for your kids.

While there is a risk of kids falling onto your precious azaleas, you can mitigate this risk by installing artificial grass as a buffer between the trampoline and your garden.

Premier In-Ground Trampolines from Luxe Lawns

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