5 Lawn Hazards Eliminated By Artificial Grass Installation

January 22, 2024

Natural grass landscapes may look gorgeous, but they contain various hazards that homeowners must deal with. Installing artificial turf in Arizona provides a fast and cost-effective solution to these common challenges.

From irritating allergies to bacteria-spreading insects, your lawn is home to many hazardous factors that threaten your family’s comfort. Removing these hazards often requires using costly chemicals and constant work—some of these chemicals cause their own issues.

All that trouble is over with the high-quality synthetic turf products and installation available from Luxe Lawns. Read on to learn how artificial turf installation can make your home a hazard-free sanctuary!


Insects are enemy Number One for homeowners looking to enjoy time in the sun. You can apply mosquito spray and other chemicals to keep them away, but this doesn’t always work, and pests like ticks and fleas can be harder to prevent.

These pests are drawn to the nutrients and moisture present in the soil of natural grass lawns. By installing synthetic turf, you’ll remove these pests’ basic needs, and they will look elsewhere for a home—probably the neighbors!

Protect your family from mosquitos, ticks, fleas, and other pests by installing artificial turf in your Arizona home with the help of your friends at Luxe Lawns.


Mold is more than an unplanned addition to your landscape. Mold spores can irritate allergies and even cause people and pets to get sick. Some molds—like Black Mold—are toxic to humans and dogs.

Artificial turf installation removes the organic compounds that mold needs to grow. Synthetic grass also features advanced drainage systems that prevent puddles that might encourage mold growth. A dry landscape is a safe landscape.

This factor is especially important with products like playground turf, where your children will spend most of their outdoor time. Kids are extra vulnerable to the bacteria and allergens produced by molds due to their developing immune systems.

An added but no less important benefit of drainage systems is improved airflow. This breathability keeps air from being trapped under your lawn and growing stale. It also ensures a cooler surface temperature during hot summer days.


Weeds: the common enemy of the landscape artist. These unplanned additions to your landscape create a prickly, unappealing look while sapping the nutrients from nearby flowers and plants you’ve lovingly installed.

Don’t let your hard work get ruined by pesky weeds. Installing artificial grass with a weed barrier underneath halts weed growth. Synthetic grass is engineered to discourage weeds from putting down roots, but a weed barrier guarantees prevention.

An added benefit is reduced pollen in the atmosphere, further preventing irritating allergy symptoms during spring and summer. It’s a win for your lawn and your family!


Various common illnesses start right in your backyard. The excess moisture, nutrients, and insects in your grass produce vast amounts of bacteria. These bacteria can cause everything from the common cold to respiratory tract diseases.

Luxe Lawns provides American-made turf that combats the spread of illnesses. Residential turf and pet turf include advanced drainage systems that reduce moisture and quickly clean up pet messes, preventing odors and bacteria.

Antimicrobial turf infill removes any lingering bacteria after you’ve rinsed your lawn. This combination of engineering and installation guarantees the cleanest, healthiest environment possible for your family.


Keeping a pristine natural yard requires constant maintenance. A core part of this is using pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and more to keep your beautiful lawn fresh while preventing pests from consuming it.

Not only are these chemicals costly, but they can also be toxic, especially to dogs who like to sniff around and taste-test whatever they find in the grass. Guess what?—artificial turf can help with this challenge, too.

Chemicals aren’t needed to maintain a pristine, evergreen hue and a fully-grown appearance with synthetic grass. It’s engineered to look freshly grown all year long. This factor also removes the need for daily watering, saving money, and improving water conservation.

Spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time spraying it with harmful chemicals by installing synthetic turf products from Luxe Lawns.

Safer Landscapes with Synthetic Turf

It’s important that your home landscape looks beautiful. It’s also important that it’s comfortable for your family. Above all, it’s essential that it’s safe. Artificial turf in Arizona is the key to creating a safe, low-maintenance paradise that looks stunning! 

Luxe Lawns offers market-leading synthetic turf products that are American-made and manufactured to the highest standards. We give your home a dose of luxury with residential turf, playground turf, backyard putting greens, and hardscape features like BBQ islands and fire pits.

If you’re ready to transform your backyard into a personal oasis, call Luxe Lawns today at 480-906-2445 or contact us online for a free quote!

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