Choose Superior Quality: Signs of Well-Made Synthetic Grass

April 25, 2024

With so many artificial grass products available, how can you tell which is best? This is the question that many home and business owners face. They want to enjoy the benefits of synthetic grass but don’t want to waste money on mediocre products.

Fortunately, you can examine a few traits to tell whether an artificial turf product is of premium quality. These include durability, drainage, health and safety, and others. These qualities are essential as they impact aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Read our guide on how to find luxury artificial grass for your home or business!

Durable Construction

Durability is a pillar of a quality synthetic grass lawn. If your residential turf is poorly constructed, it will fade in the sun or become matted due to heavy foot traffic. When exploring artificial grass products, durability should be the first trait you check.

Quality artificial turf is designed to withstand fierce weather and busy backyard barbeques while maintaining its fresh appearance. Robust mesh backings support synthetic turf with pull-resistance and UV stabilization that protect the verdant aesthetic.

Proper synthetic turf installation includes turf infill. This accessory adds ballast, securing synthetic grass and holding turf fibers upright to retain a fully-grown appearance. Durability is crucial for artificial grass putting greens that see frequent gameplay.

Look out for American-made turf products manufactured and rigorously tested to meet the highest industry standards. Luxe Lawns provides only American-made turf to guarantee a luxury artificial grass experience every time.

Odor Control

Superior artificial turf should support optimal comfort in a backyard or commercial space. Odor control is a vital part of this. A fresh-smelling landscape will attract customers and provide an idyllic backdrop for summer memories.

Proper artificial turf installation with antimicrobial infill protects your landscape from unwanted odors. Our team of synthetic grass installers can add this accessory to eliminate lingering bacteria and minimize odor development.

Odor-controlling infill prevents ammonia from turning into a gas, which is how disruptive odors propagate. Using this top dressing in residential or commercial turf will keep your property smelling fresh as daisies, whether you’ve planted flowers or not!

Efficient Drainage

Advanced drainage systems are central to a healthy lawn, preventing pet messes or rainwater from collecting in puddles. The longer these unpleasant puddles sit, the more unpleasant smells—and bacteria—can build up.

A marker of quality pet turf is an efficient drainage system that eliminates pet messes as they happen. While it prevents odor and bacteria build-up, efficient drainage also minimizes cleaning duties. Spend more time enjoying your landscape when you install synthetic turf.

Drainage systems contribute to synthetic grass longevity by preventing water damage. Proper drainage minimizes overflow, protecting your home and in-ground systems. Premium residential turf keeps your lawn clean and dry. Say goodbye to swampland summers!

Health and Safety

A luxury landscape is a safe one. Artificial turf is a popular landscape trend due to its superior safety. High-quality synthetic grass is engineered with a soft, cushioned texture that feels comfortable against feet and paw pads.

Safety is extra essential for families. Playground turf features superior cushioning to protect children from fall injuries. The gentle construction of synthetic turf fibers also prevents scrapes and grass stains. Any quality artificial turf should optimize safety.

Artificial grass offers an aesthetically appealing solution to allergies. While natural grass is a significant producer of allergens, artificial turf products minimize sniffles by reducing allergens. Weed barriers further reduce this factor by blocking invasive plant growth.

Luxe Lawns has the expertise and quality products to ensure your property is safe for family, pets, and friends. We’ll install weed barriers and foam underpadding while preventing trip hazards with a seamless installation.

Superior Synthetic Grass from Luxe Lawns

A fast and simple way to guarantee you’re getting the highest-quality synthetic turf is to trust a leading artificial grass installer. When you choose Luxe Lawns, you get more than premium artificial turf. You get our expertise, efficient turf installation process, and friendly service.

We go beyond artificial grass installation. Our landscape services include everything you need to turn your lawn into a personalized paradise. We offer hardscape services to create a versatile backyard for partying and relaxing.

Call Luxe Lawns today at 480-906-2445 or contact us online for a free quote!

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