How Artificial Turf Putting Greens Can Defy Arizona Heat this Summer

May 22, 2024

Outdoor putting greens offer more than casual exercise and communal gameplay. They have a unique aesthetic that elevates your home’s allure. Unfortunately, maintaining a natural grass putting green is costly and challenging in hot desert climates.

Arizona summers are fierce, quickly scorching natural grass lawns. Excessive sun turns even the most luxurious course into a burnt, patchy and uncomfortable stretch of yellowed lawn. Worse, burnt grass creates inconsistent ball rolls, impairing the gameplay experience.

Hot weather is one of the many reasons homeowners prefer artificial grass putting greens. Read on to learn how this innovative landscape alternative can transform your putt-putt experience from stressful to spectacular.

Sun Damage on Natural Grass Courses

Sun damage may seem like a counterintuitive concept, but anything in excess is dangerous. Plants need sunlight to thrive, but too much exposure—especially in extreme temperatures—can have the opposite effect.

When outdoor putting greens are exposed to excessive heat, their blades wilt, and their colors fade from fresh green to sickly yellow. Sun scorching eliminates the aesthetic allure of backyard putting greens and forces homeowners to spend time and money to restore them.

A lesser-known issue is uneven growth. Excessive sunlight can cause your lawn to grow unevenly, impairing practice accuracy by creating unreliable ball rolls. A smooth, predictable surface is essential for quality putting greens.

Moreover, desiccation or extreme dryness can inhibit grass growth in areas, producing bald patches that are harder to correct.

Artificial Grass & UV-Resistance

Artificial turf installation provides the evergreen allure of natural lawns but with increased durability. When designing a backyard putting green, choose synthetic grass products to protect your luxury course from the perils of Arizona summers.

Artificial grass putting greens are manufactured with UV-resistant fibers, which preserve the natural colors and gentle texture of synthetic turf. 

Since residential turf doesn’t require soil or water to look freshly grown, it won’t be damaged by extreme dryness. Your synthetic grass will remain smooth with a consistent texture, regardless of fierce Arizona temperatures.

Artificial grass installation creates an outdoor putting green that can withstand the hottest summers with little to no effort on your part!

Reinforced Durability

UV protection isn’t the only innovation keeping artificial turf putting greens pristine for decades. Synthetic turf is reinforced with robust backings that hold carefully woven turf fibers in place. This adds extra stability for heavy foot traffic areas like outdoor putting greens.

Artificial grass putting greens require no mowing or manicuring, ensuring the perfect pile height every time you want to practice your short game. Since artificial turf doesn’t grow or wilt, your outdoor putting green will always be the ideal length, producing a smooth playing experience.

UV resistance and robust backings combine to protect your synthetic turf putting green from premature deterioration due to sun exposure. At Luxe Lawns, we offer an exclusive K29 quadruple-layer backing, providing the strongest hold possible.

Sun-Resistant Putting Greens by Luxe Lawns

Don’t let the sun disrupt your summer fun! Trust synthetic grass installers to elevate your backyard with a durable, pristine putting green. We offer only high-quality, American-made turf manufactured to withstand the fiercest temperatures.

As the top artificial grass installer in Arizona, we’re masters of crafting elite outdoor putting greens for homeowners. But we don’t stop there. Our diverse services include pet turf, playground turf, and hardscaping. Whatever you envision, we can bring it to life!

If you want to install artificial grass putting greens that last, call Luxe Lawns today at 480-906-2445 or contact us online for a free quote.

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