How Does Artificial Grass Help Homeowners Reduce Maintenance Costs?

October 30, 2023

Every year, homeowners spend thousands on maintaining their lawns. Synthetic grass installation can reduce the hassle and money invested in crafting the picture-perfect lawn.

Maintaining natural grass requires a continuous investment of time and money. Homeowners with natural grass lawns are familiar with the regular trimmings, weeding, pesticides, fertilizing, and those sky-high water bills. Synthetic grass removes nearly all of these challenges while keeping a pristine appearance.

Read on to learn more about how artificial grass installation reduces maintenance costs.

Installing Synthetic Turf Improves Water Conservation

Residential landscape irrigation uses roughly 9 billion gallons of water daily. Cut back on this environmental impact with artificial turf installation. Fake grass only requires a quick spray every couple of weeks for cleaning.

Eco-friendly landscaping is becoming ever more critical. Be a part of the future and conserve water by installing artificial grass for your home or business.

It Saves Money, Too

Since artificial grass requires significantly less water, it’ll dramatically reduce your monthly water bills. You’ll save roughly $350 a month per 1,000-square-foot installation. Repurpose these savings into fun landscape developments like a backyard putting green or in-ground trampoline.

You’ll also save money on lawnmowers, weed killers, and other maintenance resources. Synthetic grass installation is an efficient way to save money while maintaining an alluring curb appeal. 

Artificial turf lasts up to twenty years and pays for itself within the first two. The longer you have your synthetic lawn, the more significant your savings will be. The biggest benefit of installing artificial grass comes in the long term.

Reduce Waste and Wasted Time

A staggering statistic revealed that roughly 33.2 million tons of yard trimmings annually contribute to landfills. Cut back on waste associated with gardening by installing synthetic grass that doesn’t require trimming or cutting. Turf installation is a superior landscaping alternative that offers benefits beyond your house, as it provides minimal impact on the environment.

Save time on manual maintenance with artificial grass that requires little to no care. The average American spends 150 hours a year on lawn care due to the need for weeding, regular mowing, and other time-consuming maintenance.

Instead, spend those hours practicing your game in your backyard putting green or playing catch on dog turf that your pup will love. Synthetic turf installers make it easy to transform your property with fake grass. All you have to do is make an appointment!

Artificial Grass Reduces Costs in Money and Time

Artificial turf installation is a fast and easy way to save on water, money, and time. Luxe Lawns provides various artificial turf products to suit your landscape needs and interests. Whether you want to boost curb appeal, reduce water bills, or spend less time on the lawn mower.

Synthetic grass opens up unique opportunities to design the landscape of your dreams, with pet-friendly turf, a backyard putting green and more available. You’ll save money and time while boosting home satisfaction.

Reach Luxe Lawns at 480-906-2445 or contact us online to begin your artificial turf installation.

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