Luxe Lawns’ Commitment to Sustainability Through Artificial Grass

July 27, 2023

We all love our planet and want to keep it in the best condition possible. However, sometimes it’s hard to know how you can adapt your lifestyle in a realistic and sustainable way that will still positively impact the environment. One easy way to make a change for the better is to install synthetic grass in your home or business. 

In addition to its many aesthetic and practical benefits, artificial turf is an eco-friendly choice that can make you feel better about doing your part to benefit the Earth. At Luxe Lawns, we’re committed to sustainability and creating a better planet for the next generation through the use of eco-friendly turf products that reduce waste and conserve water — all while making life more comfortable and affordable for you.

Sustainable Synthetic Grass Products

Synthetic grass is a more sustainable choice for Arizona homes and businesses than natural grass since it lasts for decades. However, its longevity and durability aren’t its only steps toward sustainability.

All artificial turf used by the Luxe Lawns team is American-made, which means it’s been tested for safety and sustainability and approved for sale. Imported synthetic grass has a lower quality standard to adhere to, which not only potentially reduces the overall lifespan of the grass, but also means that the product may not have been manufactured in a sustainable manner since foreign manufacturers may favor cutting corners for profits rather than investing in quality.

Luxe Lawns’ artificial grass has all passed rigorous third-party testing guidelines for sustainability and is guaranteed to last. It’s also made with recycled materials, and we try to avoid waste by utilizing scraps for future projects that feature turf ribbons or small installation areas.

Chemical-Free and Low-Waste Turf Maintenance

Artificial grass in itself is a more sustainable choice, but the low maintenance requirements that accompany it only further enhance its environmental benefits. For example, did you know that a push mower emits as much pollution in one hour as 11 cars? A riding mower emits as much as 34 cars do. In one weekend, 56 million Americans mow their lawn and produce over 2 million gallons of gas per year. This results in an astonishing amount of air pollutants that damage the environment and harm our air quality. By eliminating the need for these mowers and trimmers through the use of synthetic grass landscaping, homeowners can save money on gasoline or gardeners as well as help save the environment.

Artificial turf also eliminates the need for fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. When absorbed, these chemicals can be harmful to your kids and pets. However, over 60 percent of the lawn chemicals you use are unabsorbed and wasted, contributing to chemical runoff and water pollution that harms local wildlife. By switching to synthetic turf, you can eliminate the use of these harmful maintenance chemicals and reduce your contribution to environmental pollution. Since artificial grass is entirely non-toxic and requires no maintenance chemicals, it prevents the use of more than 1 billion gallons of pesticides and fertilizers annually nationwide.

Effective Water Conservation Efforts

One of the biggest benefits of synthetic grass installation for Arizona homeowners is turf’s water-wise nature. Since it’s made with synthetic polyethylene fibers, artificial grass never needs to be watered to stay green. This allows you to save hundreds of gallons of water each year — an estimated 65 gallons per square foot.

At Luxe Lawns, water conservation is one of our greatest missions, which is why we started the “Learn How 2 Save” movement. This initiative pledges to reduce local water usage and maintenance expenses while protecting the Earth through the use of artificial grass landscaping and hardscaping over the use of natural grass. Since 2007, we’ve saved over 1.6 billion gallons of water — an estimated 42 million gallons of water a year. We’re proud of this accomplishment and are dedicated to helping our environment however we can. If you want to join us in our mission to protect the Earth — and want to watch your water bill evaporate in the process — learn more about our mission.

If you want a beautiful and environmentally friendly landscaping alternative for your Arizona home, speak to the expert artificial grass installers at Luxe Lawns about drought-tolerant turf. We specialize in environmentally friendly synthetic grass installation that can transform your backyard into a desert oasis. If you have any questions or would like more information, give the Luxe Lawns team a call at 480-906-2445 or fill out our online contact form today. We’d be happy to assist you and provide a free estimate for your synthetic turf installation.

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