What Can You Expect During Your Turf Installation?

February 26, 2024

Artificial turf installation is sweeping Arizona homeowners. This luxury landscaping alternative offers more than just a freshly-grown aesthetic. It lowers monthly costs by reducing maintenance and fosters a safer, cleaner environment for families.

Synthetic grass supports sustainability by increasing water conservation. It’s designed to withstand fierce summers and retains its vivid evergreen hues without daily watering or harmful chemicals. You can save up to 70 percent on monthly water bills.

Installing artificial grass products is simpler than you might think! The dedicated professionals at Luxe Lawns do the hard work for you. Read on to learn how our installation process ensures a picture-perfect result for your home or business!

Prep and Foundation

Every job begins with a one-on-one consultation. You can review our various products, including residential turf, pet turf and even backyard putting greens. We offer guidance to ensure the most satisfying design possible before scheduling the installation.

Then, we head out to your property. Our team clears away excess materials to create a “blank slate” on which we’ll build your oasis. Soil, weeds and other materials are removed while we protect your property’s inner systems—pipes, wiring—to avoid accidental damage.

Next comes the foundation. We’ll spread roughly ¼ inch of decomposed granite across the space, ensuring a smooth and solid foundation. A level base is just as crucial to drainage and irrigation as daily comfort.

As a finishing touch, we’ll vibrate the granite surface to create a more substantial base for securing artificial turf stakes.

Weed Barrier Installation

After spending hours caring for your landscape and garden, the last thing you want is a horde of weeds invading your carefully curated space. Beyond aesthetic irritation, weeds increase the amount of airborne allergens, and some weeds can be toxic to pets.

Installing artificial turf already minimizes the chances of weeds sprouting throughout your lawn. However, adding a weed barrier during installation is the best way to guarantee a weed-free lawn. We install these over the compact foundation.

Our dedicated team of turf installers goes one step further, applying pre-emergent alongside a granular weed barrier to eliminate any potential for weeds or crabgrass. We do this to give Arizona homeowners peace of mind, guaranteeing lasting satisfaction.

For Arizona pet owners, weed barriers offer extra protection, preventing dogs from digging into the soil and making a mess of your synthetic grass.

Securing Synthetic Grass

Now for the main event! We’ll roll out your specially-selected artificial turf and cut it to the correct size. We custom-trim synthetic grass to fit the unique shapes of your lawn. We’ll overcut artificial turf by an inch to give us extra room to work.

Then, we align artificial turf products with perpendicular edges to ensure seamless integration with your home landscape. Synthetic turf edges are secured with temporary nails while the opposite edges are installed.

Once your artificial grass is aligned correctly, we permanently secure synthetic turf by driving nails ¾ inches into its base, creating a sturdy hold with the granite foundation. These nails are concealed within the synthetic turf fibers while avoiding unseemly dimples.

The exceptional craftsmanship in these stages allows our team to install unique, complex artificial grass landscapes. Custom putting greens, in-ground trampolines, and basic lawns are all completed to the highest standards.

Adding Infill

Turf infill is essential for a lush, freshly grown appearance that meets your lifestyle’s daily demands. It provides crucial ballast for artificial grass, keeping turf fibers upright and weighing synthetic grass down for added stability against foot traffic.

Our team uses only non-toxic infill products, so your family will be safe to lounge and play on your new artificial turf lawn. We spread eight pounds per square foot of turf infill across the yard, then power broom it for an even distribution.

Antimicrobial infill can be added to boost cleanliness, especially for our pet-friendly turf. It tackles any lingering bacteria left behind from pet messes.

The Finishing Touch

Every last detail is taken care of to ensure a picture-perfect appearance. Your neighbors won’t be able to tell the difference between your upscale synthetic turf lawn and their natural grass landscape. 

We use special tools to tuck in artificial turf edges against hardscaping or lawn borders, ensuring a seamless installation. We’ll get those tuf fibers standing upright with a special synthetic grass power brush.

We’ll assess the completed job for missed corners or slouching turf fibers, then call it a day! However, we’ll return to revive your synthetic turf lawn if premature deterioration occurs. We’re committed to lasting quality, exemplified by our 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Trust Luxe Lawns for artificial turf installation in Arizona. Call us today at 480-906-2445 or contact us online for a free quote!

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