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Our customers are our top priority. As dedicated synthetic turf installers, we take a personalized approach to all projects, offering two-way communication and expert guidance throughout the purchase and install process.

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The Luxe Lawns Difference

Luxe Lawns has a process for every artificial grass lawn we install. We ensure your turf is appropriately laid and securely set in place using careful deliberation and a uniform action plan. Beyond producing flawless artificial grass, our team is personable and always willing to answer your questions. We want to be as transparent as possible with all our customers, which is why we would like to share our process for installing artificial grass.

Preparing for Your Artificial Grass Installation

The first step in your journey is to meet with a Luxe Lawns in-house consultant who will assist you in preliminary site evaluation and design. In this phase, you can see and feel the different artificial grass products we offer to narrow down your favorite one. When you feel confident and comfortable with your decision, we can proceed with artificial grass installation!

Once we’re on site, our artificial grass installers begin by removing any excess materials from your lawn, including soil, weeds or any above-ground substances that can interfere with your installation. We rough-grade the area and uncover your home’s inner systems, such as electric wiring, irrigation and pipes – we do this to avoid any accidental damage to your home’s plumbing or electrical systems. Once we’ve cut and capped your valves to ensure your irrigation runs smoothly after we’re done, we proceed to installing the sub-base.

Adding a Synthetic Grass Weed Barrier

If we have to remove any sod during the installation of your artificial turf, we will apply a weed barrier to your sub-base before adding the turf. We take this essential step to mitigate and prevent future regrowth and the appearance of any grass vegetation that could occur underneath your new synthetic grass.

Our expert synthetic grass installers apply pre-emergent with a granular weed barrier to ensure maximum protection from weeds and crabgrass. We spare no expense to guarantee a safe, weed-free environment for your new turf!

Laying the Foundation

Our team disperses ¼ inch of decomposed granite to create a reliable base for your artificial grass. This step requires precision, and our artificial grass experts are highly experienced in accomplishing this. After that, we contour the space per the measurements you decided on in the initial consultation phase. To ensure thorough compaction of the foundation, we water it afterward.

A level base is important to any successful artificial turf installation in order to secure proper drainage. By doing so, we can ensure that any fluids slope away from living areas in your home and toward the designated drainage area placed during your installation. Additionally, a level base will keep you and your family safe – no divots to worry about! We then solidify the base by vibrating the granite surface. A solid base makes driving non-galvanized artificial grass nails easier to do, securing your turf in the process.

Laying Down and Securing Your Artificial Turf

Our expert artificial grass installers will create a perimeter around the area, using nails to bond with the ¼ inch of decomposed granite under the surface. Our synthetic grass installers will find straight or perpendicular edges to properly align your turf. Once the alignment is in place, they will secure the square edges of your artificial turf with temporary nails while the opposite edges are held during installation.

To custom fit your artificial turf, we trim it to fit the intricate shapes and grooves of your lawn. We do this by overcutting the turf by one inch along all the edges – the excess turf allows for ample space when we need to tuck in the synthetic grass. It’s always better to have too much to cut than not enough! Next, we line up the newly-shaped turf and secure by driving permanent nails ¾ of the way through your artificial grass. The nails will hide underneath your turf blades, while preventing dimples by not being driven too deep.

The Finishing Touches

To wrap things up, we use a claw hammer to tuck in the edges of your turf against hardscaping or edging borders around your lawn. This is an essential part of making your synthetic turf look neat and plush! After tucking the edges, we use a specialized synthetic grass power brush to pull your turf blades and have them stand upright. By pulling against the grain of your synthetic turf, your turf blades will be ready to receive the infill, a necessary feature for your new artificial grass.

Eight pounds per square foot of specialized infill is dispersed and power broomed across the entire artificial grass surface. At Luxe Lawns, we only use non-toxic infill in all our artificial grass installations, meaning that your loved ones – two and four-legged – will be safe to frolic as soon as we leave! Proper infill installation creates ballast – a way to weigh down your turf as to give it a level and secure look and feel. By adding infill, your turf blades will remain upright and only require the occasional cross-brushing as part of your maintenance regimen.

When installing artificial grass lawns, look no further than Luxe Lawns. Presenting unbeatable service to Arizona’s Greater Phoenix Metroplex, we take pride in transforming backyards into eco-friendly paradises. With over 15 years of experience, our customer service is unmatched. Our products combine our technical installation expertise with low-maintenance outdoor living solutions. If you’re interested, call us at (480) 647-0237, or you can fill out our contact form.

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-Peter N. | Scottsdale, AZ

“Working with luxe lawns was a wonderful experience! It transformed a yard that we hardly ever used to a great place for my children and pets or even to host friends. We were very happy with the service that was provided and the communication we received. Some great options were provided so we didn’t have to worry about using our cash. I worked with Patrick and he really made me feel at ease with this project. I highly recommend working with luxe lawns.”

-Ruben L. | Gilbert, AZ

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